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Welcome to West View Pawpaw Farm

West View Pawpaw Farm is a small, 30-acre farm in Wayne County, Ohio, located on state route 3 just south of Wooster. West View Pawpaw Farm is owned and operated by Loren and Mabel Kirchner.

We currently have about 350 pawpaw trees in the orchard with about 1/3 of the trees currently yielding fruit, and about 10-15 additional trees coming into fruiting each year. The orchard is maintained using holistic practices including mulching rows with wood chips supporting water conservation and development of the soil micro- and myco-biome, growing deeply rooted ‘weeds’ in the tree rows to help keep soils loose and add organic matter to the soil, the use of nitrogen fixing plants in the orchard lanes, and no use of pesticides or herbicides.

We hope that you’ll stop by the orchard and try a pawpaw if you’ve never had one, and if you’re looking for a pawpaw fruit supplier, we’ll try to meet your needs.

West View Pawpaw Farm is Currently Closed for the Season

Our Typical Harvest Season Starts in Late August and Ends by the Middle of October

During the harvest season please email a few days in advance if you are desiring more than 5 lbs of fruit or if you are coming from out-of-town to ensure we have fruit available! We can take orders for pickup if you are interested in larger quantities, subject to availability.  Please note that cool, wet weather can significantly impact or delay pawpaw fruit ripening and availability. Pawpaw fruit is quite perishable and therefore we cannot ship fruit.

Harvest Season Hours of Operation:
Tuesday – Saturday: 11 AM – 6 PM